Nicanor Perlas, environmentalist, microfinance expert, sustainable agriculturist, creative educator and bearer of new Politics, shared a light moment with the children of Old Capitol Site in Diliman Quezon City recently at the start of his presidential campaign sortie in Metro Manila. The children were happy and excited to shake hands with Tito Nick who spoke to them and their parents in Tagalog, his native Ilonggo and in Cebuano.  Perlas was accompanied on this sortie by Kagawad Leonardo Baylosis and Rodel Cabigas as well as volunteers of New Politics.  Photo by Haresh Tanodra. Media Contact: Cecille Ferrer-volunteer Media Team Pangmasa 09178997603  Tammy Dinopol, 0920-9064793  Dino Manrique. 0916-4143392


Nicanor Perlas is at the helm of New Politics and a New Philippines as he  takes the PANGMASA jeepney to the Old Capitol Site in Diliman , Quezon City. Perlas is taking his presidential campaign sortie to the  barangay level all over the Philippines where the people are–for a genuine  consultantion and dialogue. “The presidency will just be a continuation of what I have been doing throughout my life – helping low-income people like you,”  Perlas told the residents – sari-sari store owners, rice vendors, fruit vendors, bakery employees, barbers, hairstylists, former and present kagawads, and their families  in conversations in Tagalog, his native Ilonggo and in Cebuano.  Photo by: Haresh Tanodra.

In his first campaign sortie inside Metro Manila, presidential candidate Nicanor ‘Nick’ Perlas surprised the residents of Barangay Old Capitol Site in Diliman, Quezon City, last Friday, February 12, 2010, to consult with them about their problems. Accompanied by his New Politics volunteers and the barangay’s councilors including Kagawad Leonardo Baylosis, and Kagawad Rodel Cabigas, Perlas listened to the residents’ woes including flooding and the pending demolition of their houses which are built on government land (owned by the University of the Philippines). Perlas advised them that there are creative solutions – win-win approaches — to their concerns, especially that some of them are open to compromises such as relocation.

It was the first time in 29 years, according to residents, that a presidentiable visited their place, and they were heartened by Perlas’ visit. One such resident, elderly Adela Garcia Palma, who had been living in a pigsty for 30 years, said, “All I want is a house of my own, and I’m hoping that Nick Perlas can help us.” Other residents expressed to Nick and his New Politics volunteers their other wishes: jobs, education and scholarships for the youth, lower food prices, better healthcare, and fair compensation. They also hoped for an end to corruption. Perlas told them that this is possible if they stop electing traditional politicians into office. He also assured them that he has the track record to implement genuine change. “The presidency will just be a continuation of what I have been doing throughout my life – helping low-income people like you.” Perlas mentors farmers on sustainable agriculture, and had sat on the boards of NGO’s helping the poor thru microfinance.

Arriving at around 10am and leaving almost 3 hours later, Perlas engaged the Old Capitol Site residents – sari-sari store owners, rice vendors, fruit vendors, bakery employees, barbers, hairstylists, former and present kagawads, and their families — in conversations, including in his native Ilonggo (Perlas hails from Zarraga, Iloilo) — and in Cebuano (he took up Agriculture in Xavier University Ateneo de Cagayan). He also played pool with them, tried out their produce, and posed for photos with the children who were very happy and excited to see their Tito Nick.

Interviewed by TV reporters, Perlas says he wants to do this all over the country, to go down to the barangay level, where the people are, and hold genuine consultations.

by Ica Fernandez

Nicanor Perlas

Nicanor Perlas

I am not voting for Nicanor Perlas in the upcoming presidential elections.  What I am voting for, however, are the ideas and aspirations and processes he embodies. The fact that he is currently in the bottom half of the surveys is not a factor.  My conscience is.  And what my conscience is now saying is to tell the world about Nick, and what he brings in a small but absolutely badass package.

I met Nick in early 2008, at the height of the NBN-ZTE scandal. At the time, I was a confused twenty-year-old who kept putting off graduation because I didn’t know what to do with my life. I felt completely
powerless. After all, what use could literature or filmmaking possibly have against widespread corruption and crippling poverty? So I did the easiest thing: sit back, bitch and do nothing. Until I was dragged to a workshop facilitated by one Nicanor Perlas.

No lectures were given. Instead, a spry, energetic man in bare feet asked us about our lives and our greatest hopes and fears about the country. It was a diverse group: prominent artists, businessmen, OFWs, a couple of government employees, one lone kid. Systemic problems call for systemic solutions, said Nick, and after two days of intense conversation, he mapped out a comprehensive framework that made us understand how true social change could only come about with profound inner change.  By tapping into the innate goodness and creativity of Filipinos, we could create strategic initiatives that would advance the daunting but doable task of creating a better Philippines.

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An Invitation to the Arts, Culture & Entertainment Sectors to a Roundtable Discussion with Nick Perlas

If there is one significant matter that Nick Perlas has always paid heed to, it is that culture is and will play a crucial role in this country and in his new governance. Nick Perlas has emphatically emphasized that culture and the cultural creatives of this country will have a unique undertaking for the new Philippines. For Nick Perlas, it is culture that gives the identity and builds the values and moral fiber of society. It is culture that has the power to transform and renew our country. Culture is an exciting dimension of Philippine excellence that has yet to be fully mobilized for national development.

His platform includes, among its Principles: a free, moral and vibrant culture; and sensitivity and respect to the diverse cultures and religions throughout the country. His approach will be to build a truly free and vibrant culture that encourages different cultures to come together in the pursuit of advancement for the country through reforms in education and support for the arts and indigenous culture.

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Two belated wonderful news: Nick Perlas is back in the Presidential race!   Thanks to all those who have suppported Nick and PANGMASA Party through their weeks of assertion with the COMELEC.

The game is on.

And already, famed singer-songwriters Joey Ayala and sister Cynthia Alexander have endorsed and expressed suppport for Nick’s candidacy.   For more on this, read: http://www.gmanews.tv/story/182130/joey-ayala-cynthia-alexander-back-bid-of-nick-perlas

1290 Individuals from 44 Countries Respond to Support “World’s Most Promising Green Candidate” Compares Perlas with Nelson Mandela and Al Gore and Claims Perlas Presidency Will Benefit the World

The efforts of Nicanor Perlas received a tremendous boost today as 1,290 individuals from 44 countries, urged, in a rapidly growing global campaign, the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) to reinstate Perlas as one of the official presidential candidates in the 2010 national elections.

This marks the first time in the history of Philippine politics that the world has taken up a protest action against COMELEC even before the start of the country’s presidential elections.

On December 19, 2009 six individuals from Germany and the United States of America sent out an “Acion Call: “Nick Perlas, world’s most promising green candidate, blocked!”at

http://apeopleforperlas.ning.com/profiles/blogs/action-call-nick-perlas-worlds. In just three days, 1290 individuals, responded with strong messages of support for Perlas. A significant number of the signatories had known Perlas in one of the latter’s keynotes, seminars and workshops given in over 26 countries around the world.

The petition (http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/let-nick-run) appealed to the world: “Perlas is the winner of the Right Livelihood Award, often called the “alternative Nobel Prize,” and is one of the best qualified candidates to lead a nation since Nelson Mandela or Vaclav Havel. An environmentalist and sustainability leader in politics, he is certainly the equal of Al Gore.”

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Ibalik si Nick Perlas sa presidential race


Dear everyone,

Even if you’re not a NICANOR PERLAS supporter, please help democratize, legitimize, and ensure fairness and equality of opportunity in the Philippine elections by supporting our campaign to put Nick back into the Presidential race. Nick was unjustly disqualified by COMELEC for “lack of resources” to run a national campaign.  I guess it means “poor people,” no matter how capable, can’t run for President.

Nick has been in most, if not all Presidential fora and debates on television, on the internet, and in big gatherings around the country.  His notable presence in nationwide print and broadcast news manifests the seriousness of his intent to be the next President of this country that to declare him a nuisance candidate is one of the most ridiculous COMELEC decisions in a series of outrightly pro-TRAPO and pro-administration rules COMELEC has already issued.

Let us help level the playing field and allow NEW POLITICS to participate in the race.  Let us give the people more real, and more legitimate choices.  Let us help put Nick back into the Presidential race, and LET THE PEOPLE, NOT THE COMELEC DECIDE during elections if this country is ready for new politics and a Nicanor Perlas to be its next President.



A seminar on the implications of brain science for creating a better self and a better country will be conducted by Nick Perlas on December 12, 2009, Saturday, 6:00 p.m. The seminar, dubbed, “Brain Science, Self-Mastery, New Nation” will be held at the OCCI Center for Learning Office, 6/F Emerald Bldg., F. Ortigas Rd., Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Registration fee is Php1,000 only (including Dinner).

The activity is part of a series of fund-raising activities for Nick’s presidential campaign.

November 24th, 2009

The Maguindanao massacre is a gruesome reiminder that new politics has to address conflict as its most fundamental levels: replacing the mindset and practice of “rido” (clan revenge) with swift, honest, social and judicial justice.—Nicanor Perlas

November 13th, 2009

Nick Perlas on Probe Files with Cheche Lazaro on November 11, 2009. This is the most comprehensive and inspiring feature of Nick yet on both television and youtube. Congratulations, Nick! And thanks Dave d’Angelo for the recording and upload.  Click here for a clearer copy of the video at probetv website.

The first Salu-Salo Para sa Pagbabago was a success! We would like to THANK all the guests, those who generously donated and sponsored the event, OCCI for their generous support and hands-on help, Paula for the beautiful flowers, Shiela who came all the way from Cebu and donated button pins AND all the volunteers who tirelessly made the event possible.

The second of the Salu-Salo Para sa Pagbabago series will be on NOVEMBER 17, Tuesday 7pm at OCCI Learning Center. This time Nick will focus on talking about Climate Change. We would like to invite an audience who

* wants to eagerly learn what awaits us and how the Filipinos can deal with the changes
* would like to listen to a real environment expert
* is interested to know how the 6 pillars of the PANGMASA platform and societal threefolding can be applied to the issue on climate change
* wants to understand how a GREEN PRESIDENCY can help the country and what the executive branch can do
* wants to learn more why Nick Perlas is the best candidate to help us face these challenging times

Ticket prices still at P500 per plate. Bring 3 friends and you come in for FREE!

Reserve your tickets now with Mary Carl at 4669520 or 09286250388.

PERLAS Tayong Lahat!

Dave D’Angelo
Perlas Volunteer
Media – Internet Team